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Sathya Sai Center, Flushing NY, USA


The Scriptures lay down Bhajan (group devotional singing), Naamasmaran (Remembering God’s Name) and Sankeerthan (devotional music) as the Saadhanas (spiritual practices) of this Age

Sing familiar Bhajans, so that all can share in the Aanandha. The Bhajans must be sweet to the ear, arousing pictures of the glory and grandeur of Godhead, in the mind of the singers and listeners; they must refer to various names and forms of God, so that the Bhajan Sessions might fill every one with ecstasy. Bhajan is a Saadhana for all who share in it.”

– Sathya Sai Speaks Volume XI, Chap 37

The Devotion wing of the Flushing Sai Center offers various devotional activities for the spiritual growth of the members. Devotional activities offered primarily consist of the following –

Devotional singing (bhajans)
Study circle sessions
Guest talks

All are welcome to participate in any of the devotional programs.

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