01-03-2021-Group 2-Dharma/ Right Conduct-Duty-Vijeya Ayer

Teacher: Vijeya Ayer

Attendance: Sahana, Narayan ; Sahana, Sundar ; Roja , Swami; Tharuni, Paskaran; Priya, Prabhu; Archinthya, K; Suhani, Basnet; Isa ,Murthy : Archuthan , Nagadepan; Thaarun, Paskaran; Adarsh, Kumar

Value: Dharma/ Right Conduct

Sub-Value: Duty

Life Application: You play different roles at home. Write down at least one duty of each role. Perform those duties each day. Make a note of those roles and duties. Share it inyour next class.

LessonPlan Download: Group 2 – 01-03-2021


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