02-21-2021-Group 2-Right Conduct-Virtuousness-Vijeya Ayer

Teacher: Vijeya Ayer

Attendance: Sahana,Sundar; Sahana Narayan: Tharuni ,Paskaran; Sai Achintya, Kolanuvada; Priya, Prabhu: Suhani,Basant; Roja, Swami; Taarun, Paskaran: Asarsh, Kumar :

Value: Right Conduct

Sub-Value: Virtuousness

Life Application: Zarathushti religion is a religion of action.
As Zarathushtra proclaimed: “A thousand words may not change a single person, but a single act can transform thousands.”
We will keep this quote as the basis of our life application.
Find an action or couple of actions that your parents always keep reminding you about, all the time.
Make a conscious effort to do it throughout this week, without your parents reminding you again.
Write a note of each action that you followed this week, without fail.
By the end of the week, ask your parents to verify, that you performed those actions, without them ever having to repeat it to you, and let them acknowledge your actions by signing that paper.
Your single action will give immense happiness to your parents.
For example: Parent usually reminds you to make your bed everyday before you go brush your teeth in the morning. This week, without them having to remind you, you are making your bed everyday of the week.

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