03-07-2021-Group 2-Peace-Purity-Vijeya Ayer

Teacher: Vijeya Ayer

Attendance: Thaarun ,Paskaran ; Archuthan ,Nagatheepan ; Adarsh, Kumar ; Isa, Murthy ; Sai Achintya Kolanuvada ; Suhani, Basnet ; Tharuni, Paskaran ; Roja, Swami ; Sahana , Narayan ; Sahana , Sundar ; Priya , Prabhu

Value: Peace

Sub-Value: Purity

Life Application: Try to eat one vegetable and fruit raw (without cooking or half cooked to retain the color) with your everyday. Make a note of the vegetables and fruit which you ate everyday.
Please chant food prayer before each meal.

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