03-28-2021-Group 2-Truth-Environment (There is no Planet B)-Tanuja Rasaputra

Teacher: Tanuja Rasaputra

Attendance: Adarsh Kumar; Achintya Kolanuvada; Thaaruni Paskasan; Priya Prabhu; Sahana Sundar; Thaarun Paskasan; Sahana Narayan; Isa Murthy; Archuthan Nagatheepan, Roja Swami, Suhani Basent

Value: Truth

Sub-Value: Environment (There is no Planet B)

Life Application: This week, put into practice one (or more) of the items from the handout. Write about what you did and share with class next week.

LessonPlan Download: Group 2 – 03-28-2021


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