04-04-2021-Group 2-Right Conduct-Dicipline-Time Management-Tanuja Rasaputra

Teacher: Tanuja Rasaputra

Attendance: Sahana Narayan
Priya Prabhu
Achintya Kolanuvada
Sahana Sundar
Archutan Nagateepan
Tarun Prakasan
Taruni Prakasan
Roja Swami

Value: Right Conduct

Sub-Value: Dicipline-Time Management

Life Application: Prioritise your time to the
effective use of your 24 hours as
per the story we listened – Jar of
Follow the schedule you prepared
and share with the class of how
how effectively you followed your
goals and what was the result.

LessonPlan Download: Group 2 – 04-04-2021


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