04-18-2021-Group 3 – 4-Right Conduct; Peace;-Contentment-Bhaskar Anant

Teacher: Bhaskar Anant

Attendance: Abhishek Shanmugam; Akshatha; Annika Prabhu; Keertana Madhira; Krish Bhalla; Shreya Narayan; Sujay Sundar; Vashnavi Ravi;

Value: Right Conduct; Peace;

Sub-Value: Contentment

Life Application: Practice contentment in everyday life
Discriminate between need and desire (want) about all goals you seek
Stop if you think it is in the “Greed” category and reduce your desire

(I am keeping your life application light, as a lot of Sai Center activity is keeping you busy this week)

LessonPlan Download: Group 3 – 4 – 04-18-2021


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