05-01-2021-Group 2-Love-Compassion-Vijaya Ayer

Teacher: Vijaya Ayer

Attendance: Sahana, Narayan; Sahana, Sundar; Tharuni, Paskaran; Achinthiya, K; Suhani, Basnet; Priya, Prabhu ; Thaarun ,Paskaran; Archuthan’ Nagadeepan ; Isa, Murthy; Adarsh, Kumar;

Value: Love

Sub-Value: Compassion

Life Application: Swami says we should be compassionate with all living beings. How can you be compassionate with all living beings? Make a list and pick one , Try to practice it this whole week and record your feelings. Share it with me, through text.

LessonPlan Download: Group 2 – 05-01-2021


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