06-13-2021-Group 3 – 4-Truth-Discrimination-Bhaskar Anant

Teacher: Bhaskar Anant

Attendance: Abhishek Shanmugam, Sujay Sundar, Annika Prabhu, Keerthana Madira, Shreya Narayan, Vaishnavi Ravi

Value: Truth

Sub-Value: Discrimination

Life Application: – Apply the principles of discrimination in your day-to-day life
– “Choose the harder right, instead of the easier wrong”
– Introspect at the end of each day as to what right and wrong decisions you made. Learn from your mistakes and apply corrections.
– It is OK to make mistakes
– Speak about your experiences in the next class
– Don’t be hard on yourself – it is a journey as long as you are getting better everyday

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