11-29-2020-Group 2-Right Action-Gratitude-Vijey Ayer

Teacher: Vijey Ayer

Attendance: Sahana Narayan, Sahana Sundar, Roja Swami, Tharuni Paskaran, Suhani Basnet, Archinthya K, Priya Prabhu, Archthan Nagatheepan, Isa Murthy, Thaarun Paskaran, Adarsh Kumar

Value: Right Action

Sub-Value: Gratitude

Life Application: 1. Write down all the complaints you face during your remote learning? 2.Then put your positive lens to change these complaints to positive things. 3. how you are grateful for these wonderful things?

LessonPlan Download: Group 2 – 11-29-2020


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