12-13-2020-Group 2-Sathya-Self- Knowledge-Vijeya Ayer

Teacher: Vijeya Ayer

Attendance: Archintya,Kolanuvada; Sahana, Narayan; Sahana,Sundar; Roja,Swami; Tharuni, Paskaran; Suhani, Basnet; Priya, Prabhu; Aadarsh, Kumar; Thaarun, Paskaran;

Value: Sathya

Sub-Value: Self- Knowledge

Life Application: I see God in everyone and everything, at all times.
I am Truth, Goodness, and Beauty —- I am God
Truth is first in all my thoughts, all my words, and all my actions

Sit in the posture of back straight and eyes closed, with full concentration and devotion. Recite any one of the three affirmations above 11 times everyday for a week. Note down in a paper how did you feel.

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