Easwaramma Day Celebrations, Sunday, May 10th 2020 

Easwaramma Day Celebrations, Sunday, May 10th 2020 

Sairam Dear All,
Hope all is well with Swami’s grace!

Note: All online links require password.

Easwaramma Day Celebrations, Sunday, May 10th 2020 
Note: We are anticipating to wrap up the program early. Tentative agenda. Sairam.
SUNDAY, MAY 10TH, 2020 @ 1:00 PM (Join from 12:30 PM)
Sairam Dear All,

Hope all is well with Swami’s grace!

We would like to extend greetings to all Mothers for a Happy Mother’s Day!!! This Sunday May 10th 2020 we are also celebrating the Divine Mother Easwaramma day.

Easwaramma Day which falls on 6th of May  is celebrated by Sri Sathya Sai Organizations all over the world in the memory of Divine Mother Easwaramma who led an exemplary life and set great ideals to the world. May 6th is also celebrated as Children’s Day in the Sai Organization. SSE groups in Sai Centers perform songs, dances, and value based Skits glorifying God and expressing their gratitude to the blessed Mother for having gifted them with the most precious possession of their lives, their Swami.  In the divine presence too every year, small children performed various plays and Swami lovingly showered them with gifts and love after their presentation.

We are pleased to invite one and all for the Easwaramma day program on Sunday, May 10th online meeting. Even though this year celebrations will not be similar previous years with elaborate plays and others but the spirit and love will be the same. We are fortunate that all the children and parents for coming forward with eager enthusiasm to celebrate and participate this year. We thank all the children and parents.

We look forward to celebrate Easwaramma day with two themes, that include presentations by Group1/2 children and Play by Group3/4 children along with graduation and satsang with key note Speaker, Sis. Arthi Dilip Krishnan.

A short bio about Sis. Arthi. “
Arthi Krishnan considers herself very blessed to be a part of the third generation in Sai’s Fold. Her maternal grandparents came to Swami in the late 60’s. Arthi was very fortunate to attend Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning from 1996-2001 where she obtained her Bachelor’s in Home Science and Master’s in Food Science and Nutrition.”

Please join us on this wonderful occasion.

While joining if it prompts for entering password please enter 10081008
For those who cannot join live using the above link, please dial in directly using the number (Audio Only):
Dial In Number: (646)-558 -8656
Access Code: 965-450-877#

Please join for (meeting links below)
1. ONE LINK FOR ALL SSE GROUPS  @ 12:30 PM (please start joining from 12:15 PM onwards)
2. CENTER MEETING SESSION @ 2:00 PM (Please start joining from 1:30 PM onwards)

For help with joining these meetings: Please Call the below volunteers

1. Ajesh Prabhu – 631 780 4248

2. Jothi Narayan – 631 404 9118
3. Rekha Prabhu – 631 780 4148
4. Deepa Narayan – 631 942 5311
5. Ragu Raman – 917 570 4013
6. Dyanesh Prabhu – 646 530 2924

What is expected of us while we are online?

Where can we be seated?
1. Please ensure that you and your family members appropriately assemble at your own home altar.
2. Ensure that your laptop (see below requirements) is also visible to all of you.
3. Ensure that you all are seated at the altar comfortably and also joined into the meeting.
4. Ensure NO background noise of any kind is present as much as possible. If not, please kindly mute your phone or go to a silent room where the noise is near zero.

How do we log in?
1. Please log in by clicking the links above.
2. If all of your family members are together then we suggest to limit to one login and one laptop to join the meeting.
3. If you are assigned singer, then please ensure you log in separately using either another laptop or your phone or ipad.
4. If one of your family member is not with you, then have them log in by themselves separately.
5. Ideally one login per house, excluding singer logins.

When can I turn on my Video Cam?
1. Only by lead singers when they are leading a bhajan (optional)
2. Only when Arathi is being done.
3. We are requesting to hide your video cam for the rest of the time in order to ensure that we all have a better experience in terms of audio quality and reduced latency (lag).

When to Mute and When Not to Mute my Audio?
1. During 1:45 PM – 2:00 PM – Please mute your self
2. During assigned bhajans 2:00 – 2:40 pm: All will be muted by default only the lead singers will be un-muted as needed when they lead bhajans.
3. During Closing Prayers 2:40 – 3:00 PM: You can un-mute and you will follow with others. Some we will play recorded chanting and you can provide chorus along.
4. During Bhajan Workshop 3:00 PM – 3:45 PM: Please mute your audio and when needed you can un-mute as it will be a bit interactive session.

How will the bhajans be rendered? (Note: After various options finally we will have the lead singer to render the first line and as well render the chorus by themselves or their family members while all of us will join during the chorus (this is done to reduce the latency (lag). At the same time we will have harmonium / tabla played).

1. We will pre-assign bhajan singers and the order will be known.
2. Lead singers are expected to join separately by themselves using cell phones or land line.
3. We will try to have limited instruments where possible to maintain the beat, if not we will just use clapping.
4. We will follow regular sunday pattern of slides, that will be shared on the screen.
5. Since to make it more touching, we can request lead singers to enable video cam so they can be seen while singing bhajan (optional).
6. Closing Prayers will be lead by assigned singer while all of us will render together..
7. Vibhuthi Mantram is lead by designated singer, please ensure you have vibhuthi at your altar and ensure that your family members get the same.

By Who and How will Arathi be given?
1. When we start arathi, we request all devotees to do arathi at their altars.
2. We will have arathi’s offered by all devotees at their homes at the same time. So please be ready with deepam / or others.
3. During this time you can all show your video camera so we can all see all arathi’s that are done at the same time.

NOTE: Please kindly forgive and excuse us if this does not meet with your standards. We know this cannot mimic the real time bhajans session or center meeting but this ensures that we all are wired at the same time to the divine. We will take feed back and continue to improvise for next meetings.
Easwaramma Day Celebrations, Sunday, May 10th 2020 
Note: Please click the calendar for larger image.
Please see the monthly Calendar for the May 2020 below…
Sai Kishore
——–Jai Sai Ram——

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