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From: Sai Kishore Paluru <p_saikishore@yahoo.com” <
Sairam Dear All,
Hope all is well with Swami’s grace!
Please check the new Public Outreach Committee Website.
Sai Kishore.
With Love In His Service
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From: Douglas Gaum
Sent: Saturday, September 14, 2019, 5:21:35 PM EDT
Subject: Fwd: Public Outreach Committee Website
SaiRam Embodiments of Divine Love,

Center Presidents and Group Leaders – Please forward this notice and wonderful opportunity to all of your officers and members.
Thank you and may Swami fill all with Prema, Shanti, Jyoti, and Ananda,
Brother Doug

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From: Jack Feely 
Sent: Thu, Sep 12, 2019 11:27 am
Subject: Fwd: Public Outreach Committee Website


Sai Ram Regional Presidents,
Please email and link below from the Public Outreach team about the new POC Website. This website contains a wealth of resources available. Please share this will the Centers and Groups in your regions.
Sai Ram,
Jack Feely, Ph.D.
President, National Council SSIO-USA


Expansion is the keynote of education. When a balloon is blown, it bursts and the air inside it merges with the vast limitless expanse outside. Your love too must fill your home and your society, and finally, burst even those bonds and become worldwide. Cultivate love; sow the seeds of love in all hearts. That is My Wish, My Mission, My Vow.” Sathya Sai (25th July 1975)
Dear All,
Loving greetings to each one of you! 
With the aim of spreading our dearest Sathya Sai’s Universal Teachings ‘to all the corners of the world‘ it makes us very happy to inform you all that our SSIO Public Outreach Website is finally launched and available at the following link:
As you will see, the Website is structured with four main categories:
  • VALUEdutainment  (focused on providing inspiring reading material, quotes, songs and videos)
  • VALUEnvironment  (focused on raising our environmental awareness and providing useful tips to help us protect our planet)
  • VALUEducare  (focused on Education in Human Values for all)
  • VALUEvents  (focused on sharing uplifting annual events that are celebrated worldwide and other inspiring events)
We kindly invite you to visit the site and to sensitise national POC Referents, officers and members to share it wider with their friends, community, local administrations, etc. in order to spread His Universal Teachings to benefit our respective societies and the whole world.
To regularly and constantly update the Website, we also invite you to contribute with contents that you may have produced that could fit in any of the four main sections, and/or to also send articles on PO activities organised in your respective countries and zones, in regard to the events section.
We hope that the PO Website will be a useful tool in the important task of spreading Sai Teachings and His Universal Message to all. 
We look forward to your kind feedback and contributions. 
Thank you in advance as always for your constant support.

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