Fw: SSSGC Announcement: Smule App

Fw: SSSGC Announcement: Smule App

Sairam Dear All,
Hope all is well with Swami’s grace!
See below another opportunity using smule app.
Sai K
With Love In His Service

—– Forwarded Message —–
From: Pradosh Dessai <president.region2@sssgc-usa.org&gt;
Sent: Wednesday, January 25, 2023 at 01:47:51 PM EST
Subject: Re: SSSGC Announcement: Smule App
Sairam Dear Region2 Center Presidents,
Please see the email below regarding the announcement of Smule App. 
Please share this with all the members.

With Love for all,
Pradosh Dessai

President, SSSGC-USA Region 2

On Wed, Jan 25, 2023 at 7:50 AM Balu Karanam <president@sssgc-usa.org> wrote:
Sairam Dear Regional Presidents,

Please see the email below from Axay regarding SSSGC announcement of Smule App.
Please share this email along with attachment with all the Sai Family members.
Loving Sairams,
Balu Karanam
President, SSSGC-USA
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From: Axay Kalathia <chair@sssgc-zone1.org>

Subject: SSSGC Announcement: Smule App
To: Balu Karanam <president@sssgc-usa.org>,

Sai Ram Dear National Presidents,
The Sri Sathya Sai Media Centre has established a presence on Smule (a social singing app that allows them to upload karaoke bhajans for all to enjoy) –  https://www.smule.com/Sri_Sathya_Sai
Our Zone 1 media, with Swami’s Grace, has also joined in to create a smule account for all to enjoy as they practice Namasmarana (remembrance of the name).  It is titled Sai Keerthan to Samkeerthana  (Individual Sadhana to Community Sadhana).  Please see the attached flyer and information given below.   Click on the link below to subscribe to the channel:


To create a platform by sharing and being part of Swami’s mission to travel from individual to community sadhana by signing His glory.


To make singing His glory part of our daily practice

Who can participate?

Everyone of all ages, including SSSE students and Young Adults, can participate in the glorious singing. 
Sai Ram,
Smule Team

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