Monthly Study Circle Topic – 1 DECEMBER 2020

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A jeeva ( being) should not presume to have a choice of his own. Everything is God’s. To obey His command is the characteristic of a person who surrenders himself to God totally. Come and sit in my train. I will carry you and your luggage to your destination. Do not carry your luggage on your head, even here and suffer in the process.” Thus, Sri Krishna explained the significance of “ Saranagathi thathwa”  the spirit of total surrender. When a devotee surrenders himself completely to God, he will get God’s grace, wherever he is. “Whether you’re in the forest or in sky; village or town; on the hillock or in midstream- wherever you are, I am the sole refuge for you. Surrender unto Me thus”, declared the Lord Krishna to Arjuna. – Discourses on Bhakti Yoga by Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba.

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