Monthly Study Circle Topic – 1 FEBRUARY 2021

The great evil that undermines the units of this organisation is pride and jealousy that it engenders. When one person exudes the pride that he alone can sing bhajans well amongst the group, naturally others develop anger, jealousy, hate, malice, and other such deleterious traits. Spiritual pride is the most poisonous of all varieties of pride, it blinds and leads the person suffering from it into ruin. Beware of pride; be always aware that you are but instruments in My Divine Mission of Revival of Righteousness (Dharmasthapana). Try to be more and more efficient as such instruments. The Hand that wields the instrument knows how and when it has to be applied! Be righteous; avoid all prejudices against others on the basis of caste, creed, colour, mode of worship, status or degree of affluence. Love alone can root out the weed of pride from the heart. Love all, as so many forms of God, appearing in various roles.
                                                                                      – Divine Discourse, Jan 13, 1970.

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