Monthly Study Circle Topic -1 September 2019

Why is Purity Important? What is the cause for misery, conflict and suffering in the world today? It is the absence of purity in the hearts of men and women. The behaviour of men and women is responsible for the rise or fall of a nation. The country would not lack in anything, if there were men and women with pure hearts. But today hearts are completely pol-luted. Here is a piece of pure white paper. But what is written on one side makes it appear dirty. So too is the case with a man’s heart; dirty feelings pollute it. Newspaper of today becomes a wastepaper tomorrow. The paper by itself does not have any smell. The same paper when used to pack jasmine flowers smells of them; it will smell of ‘pakodas’ or even of dry fish if it is used to pack them. When the heart is purified, it shines with compassion. Bad feelings and bad thoughts pollute the heart of man. Note: this is an excerpt from Divine discourse attached here. Please Click Here to download.

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