Monthly Study Circle Topic – 2 February 2020

Monthly Study Circle Topic – 2 February 2020

Redeem Your Life By Good Actions
One is born out of karma (action), One lives and dies in karma. Karma is verily God, And it is responsible for one’s happiness and sorrow. (Telugu poem)
Karma (action) is verily the life of a human. Whatever actions one undertakes to perform from morning to evening, one should first understand and then perform. This is your primary duty. The nature of the action that you perform determines the type of result you get. When you perform good deeds, you will have good results. On the other hand, when you performs actions with evil intention, the results are bound to be bad.

Man should behave like a human being

Bats fly in the sky like all other birds, which perch on the branches of trees to take rest. However, unlike birds, bats hang from the branches with their head down and feet up. Has anybody tied them in this manner with a thread? Or, has someone forcibly put their heads down? No. It is the result of their karma. In the same way, a person who harbours evil thoughts and performs evil actions is bound to get evil results. However, a person who performs good actions will get good results in accordance with the nature of the actions. When we look at them, even bats appear to be like other birds, but they have a different fate unlike other birds, which fly freely.We cannot escape from the consequences of our actions. But we perform bad deeds and expect good results. Nobody desires bad results after performing good actions. However, every action has a result in accordance with its nature. When you write correct answers to the questions put by your teacher in the examination, you get good marks. But if you commit mistakes, your marks will be deducted. In the same way, one who is born as a human being should perform actions after enquiring what is good and what is bad. To perform good actions is the primary duty of man. To perform bad deeds is the attribute of an animal.Always remind yourself that you are a human being and that you should perform only such actions that be-hoove a human being. You should ask yourself before performing any action, “Am I behaving like a human being or an animal?” We should perform actions after examining them in a proper way. Humans should perform actions that befit their human birth.If you act contrary to human nature, even your neighbour will chide you, saying, “Having been born as a hu-man being, you are behaving like an animal.” In this manner, one will be punished by one’s fellow human beings if one behaves like an animal. Therefore, conduct yourself like a true human being. It is a disgrace to humanness to behave like an animal. You must conduct yourself in a manner that is appropriate for a human being. The result of good actions will be good and of bad actions will be bad.

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