SIGN UP replying to this email – ALL NYC GLOBAL AKHANDA BHAJANS 2020 – 6 PM SAT, NOV 14 To 6 PM SUN, NOV 15

SIGN UP replying to this email – ALL NYC GLOBAL AKHANDA BHAJANS 2020 – 6 PM SAT, NOV 14 To 6 PM SUN, NOV 15


**** Note: You can sign up by replying to this email. See below for details ****

SIGN UP replying to this email – ALL NYC GLOBAL AKHANDA BHAJANS 2020 – 6 PM SAT, NOV 14 To 6 PM SUN, NOV 15
Swami says “Today we are having the Akhanda Bhajan. This is being done not for the sake of one individual, one nation or one community. It is for the welfare of humanity as a whole. The bhajans that are sung permeate the ether in the form of sound waves and fill the entire atmosphere. Thereby, the whole environment is purified. Breathing in this purified atmosphere, our hearts get purified. Reciting the Lord’s name is a process of give and take. Singing the Lord’s name should become an exercise in mutual sharing of joy and holiness. It should be remembered that the sounds we produce reverberate in the atmosphere. They remain permanently in the ether as waves and outlast the individual uttering the sounds.”




November 14th

6 PM


November 15th

6 PM



As part of the birthday celebrations of Bhagawan Baba, on the second Saturday-Sunday in November, Bhajans (devotional singing) are conducted continuously for 24 hours at all Sathya Sai Centres on a global level praying for peace, harmony and bliss to all mankind.

  • All devotees are required to sign up by completing the below SURVEY.
  • If you have any questions, please reach out to your office bearers.
  • Lead singers please plan to provide at least 2 bhajans.
  • This year all slots are required to be signed up. No exceptions.
  • We need this for planning and logistics purposes.
  • Even if you are not sure but tentative, please sign up yourself or your entire family..
  • NOTE: Every singer will be provided with a confirmation of their slots including open bhajans.

How can you join GAB?


1. Anyone can join from your home using the link below.
2. You will need Computer / Mobile / IPad to connect online.
3. We will be using Zoom Meeting.
4. All Slots for this year GAB – 2020 will be available online. So you can join for all the slots.
5. All slots require advanced sign up. So request all devotees to please sign up.
6. Ensure that you have no background noise or other disturbances when you are going to render a bhajan online.
7. Also ensure that you are very close to the computer mic or your cell phone when singing so it is very clear.
8. More guidelines will be sent in later emails.


1. We are planning for In-Person session (meaning a very small number meet at a common place).
2. At this time, In-Person is not open for all slots and is still uncertain.
3. For any given slot, we will not have more than 15 members.
4. All In-Person slots must be registered and only on confirmation, you are allowed to join for an In-Person session slot.
5. Those who are confirmed must strictly adhere to the law of the land (regulations) and follow them to the dot. No exceptions and tolerance. More details to be provided later.
6. Venue details will be only provided to those who are confirmed for In-Person meeting.




Please kindly click on the survey image to your right and complete it. This is required for planning purposes. Please kindly take time to fill in this survey for each of your family members.

Click Image Above

For those who don’t feel comfortable going to the above form?
To submit the below please just reply to this email and cc Come down to this section and you can update the table below with your details. Sairam.

Names / Bhajans for you and your family

See below example. note: you can delete and rewrite your actual name.

Names Enter Name Gender Enter 2 Bhajans (first line with comma)
Your Name John Doe M Bhajan1, Bhajan2


Select your Slots

Please enter details for all or any of the slots?

  • Please enter “All Family” or Individual Names in each of the below slots as applicable.
  • In Person, means you and your family where applicable will join in person for the GAB and not online for some slots. Also you are willing to follow the strict guidelines and will adhere to the rules that are prescribed to one and all. No Exceptions of any kind. We will maintain zero tolerance policy.
  • Zoom Online Meeting, means that you and your family are planning to participate via online zoom meeting.
  • All Family, means your entire family will participate in that slot.
  • Individual, means that you or some members of your family are going to participate in those slots. If you want to write multiple names in a slot, please enter as “Name1, Name2, etc…” with comma separation.

    Saturday, Nov 14th 2020


    Slots ### Timings Enter Names: Follow Above
    Slot 1 (05:30 PM – 06:05 PM) : Opening Prayers John Doe
    Slot 2 (06:05 PM – 08:00 PM) : Regional GAB All Family
    Slot 3 (08:00 PM – 09:00 PM) : SSE Only  
    Slot 4 (09:00 PM – 10:00 PM) : Open Adults Slot  
    Slot 5 (10:00 PM – 11:00 PM) : Open Adults Slot  
    Slot 6 (11:00 PM – 06:00 AM SUNDAY) : Open Adults Slot  


    Sunday, Nov 15th 2020


    Slots ### Timings Online Meeting In-Person Meeting
    Slot 7 (06:00 AM – 08:00 AM) : Open Adults Slot John Doe NO
    Slot 8 (08:00 AM – 10:00 AM) : Open Adults Slot    
    Slot 9 (10:00 AM – 11:15 AM) : SSE Only Slot  
    Slot 16 (02:00 PM – 04:00 PM) : Flushing Center ONLY Slot    
    Slot 17 (04:00 PM – 06:00 PM) : Closing – All Centers Assigned Slot    
  • <!–


    Tentative Agenda:

    SATURDAY NOV 14th (Only Zoom Online)

    05:00 PM – 05:15 PM: Join the meeting
    05:15 PM – 05:30 AM: Meditattion
    05:30 PM – 06:00 PM: 21 OM’S / Rudram
    06:00 PM – 06:05 PM: Ganesh Bhajan by Swami
    06:05 PM – 08:00 PM: Regional GAB
    08:00 PM – 09:00 PM: SSE Assigned Slot
    09:00 PM – 12:00 AM: Open Bhajans

    SUNDAY NOV 15th (Zoom Online and In-Person)

    12:00 AM – 10:00 AM: Open Bhajans
    10:00 AM – 11:15 AM: SSE Assigned Slot
    11:15 AM – 04:00 PM: Centers Allotment
    04:00 PM – 06:00 PM: Assigned Slot (All Centers)
    06:00 PM – 06:15 PM: Closing Prayers
    06:15 PM – 08:00 PM: SSIO GAB
    02:30 PM – 02:40 PM:


    1. All singers must sign up.
    2. You will be provided with confirmation of your slot.
    3. Please ensure that you sign into Zoom meeting with your name-centername (example: sai kishore – flushing or family name – center).
    4. If possible one login per family.
    5. Please ensure you are available 1/2 hr before your slot. Thank you.



    While joining if it prompts for entering password please enter 10081008
    For those who cannot join live using the above link, please dial in directly using the number (Audio Only):
    Dial In Number: (646)-558 -8656
    Access Code: 965-450-877#


    SIGN UP replying to this email – ALL NYC GLOBAL AKHANDA BHAJANS 2020 – 6 PM SAT, NOV 14 To 6 PM SUN, NOV 15
    Sai Kishore
    ——–Jai Sai Ram——-

    ———–Jai Sai Ram————

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