Talk By Geetha Ram – Fw: REMINDER- SSIO-USA | Education | Unity is Divinity- Aradhana Day 2020 National Offering

Talk By Geetha Ram – Fw: REMINDER- SSIO-USA | Education | Unity is Divinity- Aradhana Day 2020 National Offering

Sairam Dear All,
Hope all is well with Swami’s grace!
Please see the new initiative by National SSE team. This will be very helpful and as part of that we have a great opportunity to listen to Geetha Ram garu and she is no stranger. The Zoom meeting is scheduled for tonight at March 18th and all other upcoming Wednesday’s until April 22nd we will have some webinars.
Don’t miss this golden opportunity.
Sai K

Talk By Geetha Ram – Fw: REMINDER- SSIO-USA | Education | Unity is Divinity- Aradhana Day 2020 National Offering

With Love In His Service


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From: Aparna Chitturi
Sent: Wednesday, March 18, 2020, 1:48:18 PM EDT
Subject: Fwd: REMINDER- SSIO-USA | Education | Unity is Divinity- Aradhana Day 2020 National Offering

Sairam Dear Center Presidents, Vice Presidents and Group Leads,


Please forward this e-mail to your members.


Below email contains details regarding National Aradhana Offering by the SSE wing. Sai Bhagawatham begins today!  


This offering is open to all devotees.


Loving Sairam,

Aparna Chitturi

Samastha Loka Sukhino Bhavantu 

May all the beings in all the worlds be happy


From: Aparna Murali <>
Date: March 15, 2020 at 9:45:56 PM EDT
Subject: SSIO-USA | Education | Unity is Divinity- Aradhana Day 2020 National Offering
Sai Ram, dear all! Please forward this announcement and the attached documents to ALL SSE centers in your region. Please note that this national offering is available for ALL members and do consult with your Regional President if there is an interest to forward this communication to all Centers in your region. 
Love and prayers,


The earth is a great enterprise, a busy factory, where the product is love. By means of Sadhana (spiritual practice), it is possible to produce love and export it to millions and millions of people, in need of it. The more it is shared the deeper it becomes, the sweeter its taste, and the vaster the joy. By means of love, one can approach God and stay in his presence, for God is love, and when one lives in love, he is living in God.” Sathya Sai Baba, January 01, 1971


Sai Ram!

Inspired by Bhagawan’s life, message and the World Conference theme of ‘Unity is divinity’, the SSIO-USA Education wing will undertake a special offering for Aradhana Day 2020.  Starting from Sunday, March 15th till Sunday, April 26th, we invite you to join us on this sacred, seven-week journey as one family, strengthen our faith and express gratitude for the many blessings!

1. Family prayers “Gayantham thrayathe yasmath Gayatri, thena kathyathe. That which saves those who sing it, revere it, repeat it, or meditate on it is called Gayatri.” Sathya Sai Baba- Dharma Vahini Chapter VII

  • Swami has often said that the Gayatri mantra is a powerful and universal prayer.
  • Starting from Sunday, March 15th, every day, we request each family to chant together the Gayatri mantra at least 9 times followed by Samastha Loka (x3) for the safety and well-being of all.
  • Please encourage your child/children to take responsibility for implementing this in your home. Allow them to set the time (even before a family meal works), initiate and close the prayer session.


2. Sai Bhagavatam-His stories

“The Universal Absolute, the Birthless Formless, Unmanifest, Infinite took on limitations of name and form and concretized Itself as Incarnations on many occasions and manifested countless instances of divine intercession and grace. Through these, as well as through the characteristics assumed and the ideas propagated, God saved mankind from downfall. Those who sing the story of this glory, those who listen eagerly to the recital, those who imbibe and digest the lessons conveyed, these are the real devotees. These are the Bhagavathas – those who follow the path laid down in the Bhagavatha. Bhagavatha binds devotion (bhakti) with Bhagavan; that is to say, the story fills you with God and transmutes you into divinity.” Bhagvatha Vahini, Chapter 28.


  • Tune in every Wednesday at 9 pm EDT to listen to speakers whose lives have been touched and transformed by divine love.
  • March 18th– In conversation with Geetha Ram
  • Save the date – March 25th, April 1st, 8th, 15th, and 22nd.
  • Dial 669 900 6833 or 253 215 8782 and meeting ID 259 548 310
  • Open to ALL.


3. TAG – GOD CARES card

Bhagawan has said often that loved shared is deeper and sweeter. In the past few weeks, we all have felt the impact of the global pandemic. It is especially important to stay e-connected and let others know that you care about them.

How does TAG work

  • Think of at least 2 people whom you know. It can be a a friend from school or SSE, teacher, Center member, family.
  • Click on this link to download one card. Say a prayer to God for this person. Send them an email/imessage/whatsapp/snap/DM on IG or FB with the card and add a personal message.
  • The card and this concept is effective and best only when it is one on one communication (Mass distribution is discouraged).
  • For each personalized tag, Swami is gifting 10 to you! 
Through these initiatives, may our hearts be filled with His love, hope nurtured and faith strengthened!
Offering prayers for the safety and well-being of all!
With love and gratitude,
Aparna Murali
Education Coordinator-Sathya Sai International Organization, USA

BCC: National Council, Dr.Jack Feely, and Dr.Phil Gosselin





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