2011 – SSE Group 4 Lesson Plans

2011 – SSE Group 4 Lesson Plans

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March 6 2011

Krishnan Iyer and Bhaskar Anant took Group 4 class

Power point presentation on “The Science of Thought” by Dr. Jumsai was discussed in the class.
Sow a thought, reap an action
Sow an action, reap an tendency
Sow an tendency, reap an habit
Sow an habit, reap a character
sow a character, reap a destiny
YOU are the maker of your destiny,
You can do it or undo it.

Class attendance for group IV is as follows:

1. Shalin
2 Sai Abhishek
3 Sanjay
4 Gautam
5 Divya
6 SaiPriya

Life application – Put into practice what you learned in class today- the development of thought power, the conquest of thoughts, the positive methods of thought control and thought culture.

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March 13 2011

Group 4 – Rami Gangeyan and Shveta Sawhney
Attendance – Divya Ganesh, Ishwarya, SaiPriya, Abhishek and Shalin
Attachment: Document

Discuss the power of Prayer and namasmarana. Introduced Phyllis Krystal and her spiritual practices such as the Figure 8 in the context of this lesson plan.
Questions discussed about how Namasmarana benefits us and how to practice it; discussed obstacles that might prevent us from practicing it on a daily basis.
Life Application – Fill out the Flower for offering for the garland for Swami’s Birthday.
Make an active effort to practice namasmarana in a way that is comfortable for you between now and Swami’s Birthday. Don’t feel discouraged if you fall off track and get back on and keep doing it.
The entire Group 4 lesson plan is enclosed in word document.

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March 20 2011

Group 4 – Teachers – Laina Prabhu and Melba
Attendance- SaiPriya, Divya Ganesh, Shalin, SaiAbhishek, Gautham and Sanjay
Attachment: Document

Lesson Plan – Importance and benefits of Namasmarana and how to practice constantly remembering God’s name. Discussion enclosed.
Life application – Reflect about the process of remembering and chanting God’s name throughout the day. How did it feel. if you had trouble remembering God’s name, what were the obstacles which prevented you from doing so ? How can you try and overcome these obstacles in future.
Enclosed is the word document of the entire lesson plan which is very informative.

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March 27 2011

Group 4 – Teachers- Laina Prabhu, Dnyanesh Prabhu and SaiKishore

Attendance- Ishwarya, Divya Ganesh, Sai Priya, Shalin, Gautham and Sanjay

Lesson Plan- Discussion on Namasmarana

Life Application- Contemplate on questions assigned to each student about this topic and email to the teachers their thoughts.
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April 3 2011

Groups 3 and 4 at Trailer between 3 and 4 PM .
Teachers – Suhasini Jonnavithula and Meera SaiKumari
Attendance – Ishwarya, Gautham, Jothika, Shreya, Manasa, Srilu, Niharika, and Eswar.

Lesson Plan — Namasmarana

Start the class with three OMs and three Gayatri Mantra.
Question- what were your thoughts when you were chanting Gayatri mantra?
Discussed the word to word meaning of the mantra and Swami’s explanation.
The Gayatri has three parts- 1) Praise, 2) Meditation and 3) Prayer. First, the Divine is praised, then, it is meditated upon in reverence and lastly, an appeal is made to the divine to dispel the darkness of ignorance and awaken and strengthen the intellect.
Chanting of the Gayatri mantra purifies the mind and confers devotion, detachment and wisdom.
Contemplate on the meaning of the prayer while chanting and spread the illumination of PEACE inside yourself as well as outside. It will confer SHANTI on you as well as on all who draw near, in fact, the entire world.

What are the nine types of devotion?
Nine types of devotion are Shravanam (listening) Smaranam (contemplation and chanting) Keerthanam (Singing) Archanam (Worship) Vandhanam (Namaskaar) Paadhasevanam (Pressing the feet of the Lord) Dhaasyam (Seva) Sneham (Friendship) Aathmanivedanam (surrendering of body, mind and every thing to God).

What are the different types of Saadhanas prescribed for the four Yugas?
The Yugas and Saadhanas prescribed : Krithayuga – Dhyan and Thapas (Meditation & penance)
Thretha Yuga – Yaaga and Yagna or vedic sacrificial ceremony
Dhwapara Yuga – Archana or Worship
Kali Yuga – Nama Smaran (remembrance of Lord’s name)

Remembering the Lord’s Name
“The only hold that man has in this dreadful darkness is the Name of God. That is the raft which will take him across this stormy sea darkened by hate and fear, churned by anxiety and terror.”
– Sri Sathya Sai Baba

Power of Namasmarana- Swami says- “That Name is the thunderbolt which will pulverize mountains of sin. It is the unfailing cure for the dreaded disease of Moha or delusion. It will lead you to release from the bondage of birth and death and will give you everlasting Bliss. I, therefore, advise you to resolve upon the quest of your Reality through the Sadhana of Namasmarana.”
“The Name of the Lord is like the effulgence of the rising sun; it dispels the Darkness of Delusion. It is as luminous, as universal and as Divine. Remember the power of that Name which, when repeated by Prahlada, overpowered the hearts of the Asuras who tortured him. The Name of the Lord that could transform the Asuric character and purify it into a Nectar of Love is, verily, the key to the Heaven of PEACE for all, for the whole world.”

Sweetness of Namsmarana- “If there is anything sweeter than all things sweet to the senses, more auspicious than holy objects, it is the Name of the Lord, because it is one with and inseparable from the Lord Himself who is Sat-Chit-Ananda Swaroopa. The Lord and His Name are one. Let us take an example. As soon as the name ‘Mango’ is mentioned, one is reminded of its juicy pulp, its incomparable sweetness and flavour. Instead, if an actual mango is placed in our hands, the doubt first arises in our mind whether it is sweet or sour; then again, one becomes aware of its skin, fibre, particular quality etc. When the name alone is mentioned, these things do not bother us. Only its sweetness comes to mind. Similarly, in the case of the Divine Form, there is the chance of awe mixed with respect and even fear eclipsing our love which sweetens the remembrance of God.”

Meaning of Name- “Atma is known as Rama because Rama means that which delights; and nothing confers such boundless, inexhaustible joy as the Atma. The word consists of three components or sounds viz. Ra, Aa and Ma. Ra is the mystic symbol of Agni or the Fire Principle; it burns our sins or evil propensities into ash. Aa is the symbol of Surya or the Sun Principle; it destroys the darkness of Ajnana or ignorance. Ma is the symbol of Chandra or the Moon Principle; it cools the Thapam or heat of suffering. So, Rama-Nama Smarana has the power to overcome the three tragedies of life, namely, Papam or Sin, Thapam or suffering and Ajnanam or Ignorance; and to reveal the Divinity of Sathyam, Shivam and Sundaram or Truth, Goodness and Beauty. Repeat the Name of Rama bearing this significance in mind and you will feel its effect soon.”
“I have now to tell you the meaning of Baba. Baba is B,A,B,A. The first ‘B’ stands for ‘Being’; ‘A’ stands for ‘Awareness’; the third letter ‘B’ stands for ‘Bliss’; the fourth letter ‘A’ for ‘Atma.’ Again, the first ‘B’ ‘Being’ is Sat: the next letter ‘A’ ‘Awareness’ is Chit; the third letter ‘B’ ‘Bliss’ is Ananda.”

Discussed about the 4 types of Sankeerthan- namely Guna sankeerthan, Leelasankeerthan, Bhavasankeerthan and lastly Namasankeertan with examples for each.
Nama-Sankeertan: When a group of devotees join together to sing the Name of the Lord, it gives sacredness and happiness to the minds of all people, at all times and at all places. There is nothing that can be greater than this Nama- Sankeertan. Such Sankeertan will liberate not only the individual but the entire community and the whole world. It is This Nama-Sankeertan that Sai has been establishing everywhere. A person devoted to Nama-Sankeertan knows no failure. Taking to this Sadhana seriously, and doing it constantly, he overcomes all obstacles. Example of Sai Bhajans.

Life Application – 1) Practice Namasmarana and incorporate it into daily activities. One of the methods of glorifying the Lord is through Naamalikhitam- writing the Name of the Lord. Contemplating on the Name of the Lord mentally, uttering the Name by mouth and writing the Name by hand serve to perform Trikarana Suddhi (Purity of thought, word and deed).”
Can you come think of other ways of performing the namasmarana through purity and unity of thought, word and deed?
2) Share an experience where chanting the name helped you overcome the adversity of a situation or changed the circumstances or changed you.

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April 10 2011

SSE Group 4 Lesson plan- Importance of Vedas
Teachers – Krishnan Iyer, SaiKrishna and Guest speaker Chandra Shekhar
Attendance – Divya Ganesh, Gautham, Sai Abhishek and Shalin

Lesson plan was on Vedas with an introduction to Vedas and Vedic literature. We went thru 2 power point presentation one prepared by Chandra and one by me explaining some basic Vedic terminologies. Both of them are attached in the email. The idea behind the class was to trigger our kids to concept of Vedas and the importance of Vedas.

We started the Veda class with reading the below email snippet and showing the video clipping on the importance of Vedas. Chandra also spoke about his experience with our divine lord during his education tenure.

—————————————————————— email snippet


This month, the State Youth Coordinator of Karnatka Vinay Kumar came with his friend to Prashanti Nilayam. His friend has met an accident recently in which his leg has been badly damaged & he is unable to move his leg & walk. He had lost all hopes of life. He came to P. Nilayam…

Sri Vinay Kumar apprised Bhagwan about the tragedy that his friend has met & prayed Bhagwan to cure him… Bhagwan just gave a Beautiful & enchanting smile to his friend… Lo & Behold… His friend began to feel that he can walk & he walked… in front of everyone… we all were surprised…………

Then Sri Vinay Kumar asked Bhagwan: “Swami… by your mere look you cured my friend (without touching)… why can’t you cure yourself?”

To this question, Bhagwan replied that “you people have created a lot & extensive damage & disturbance in the five elements.. that’s why the effects of that I have taken on my Body…”

Then again Vinay Kumar asked: “Swami… how could we eliminate the disturbances.. so that all the five elements remains intact.”

Bhagwan said:

“Do three Things:

1. Chant Vedam (Rudram) that’s why I have daily 1hr + 1hr Rudram Chanting here in P. Nilayam (Morning & Evening)

2) Sing Bhajans with full devotion & dedication… (that’s why I have extended Bhajan Sessions here in P. Nilayam

3) Do Seva… Self-less Service with full dedication & surrender.

Practice all the three…” __._,_._,_

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April 17 2011

Teachers– Rami Gange and Renuka Rajani
Attendance- Sanjay, Gautham and Abhishek

“We should firmly believe that Mother Earth itself is God. It is wrong to assume that God dwells somewhere we cannot see. Man should treat Mother Earth with reverence. He has no right to talk of conquering her or exploiting her forces. Have the conviction that Mother Earth is verily another form of God” – Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba
The five elements –ether, air, fire, water, and earth– are the vesture of God, as well as of man. Use them moderately and with wisdom, with fear and humility. Their characteristics, for which they are sought after, are sound of the sky (representing ether), touch of wind, form of fire, taste of water, and smell of earth. Even these, sounds and others, have to be moderate if they are to confer comfort. Sathya Sai Baba, Sathya Sai Speaks VI, Chapter 27, 124.
Children had a discussion about these above two quotes.

Activity– Pretend that you work for the environmental department of the government and come up with a proposal how you would clean the environment in NY. Include implementing new laws, awareness, workshops etc and keep a budget and complete the project without wasting excess money.
Life Application — On April 22nd, Earth day, choose a way to practice going green and document how you went about doing this.

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May 15 2011

SSE Groups 3 and 4

Planning Games for the Retreat between 2 and 4 PM and Break out session with Sister Karuna Munshi – 430 PM to 6 PM.
Teacher- Mani
Attendance – SaiAbhishek, Sanjay, Gautham, Saipriya, Divya Ganesh, Bhavani, Shreya, and Srilu.

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May 22 2011
Sai Bliss fair Game for Memorial day Retreat
Team 4 – SSE Group 4 Girls- Saiboo
Team 5 – SSE Groups 4 Boys – Cranium, Connect Sai and Sai Bowl.
SSE teachers- Laina Prabhu, Mani Sundaram, Sreenadh Jonnavithula
1. Shalin
2 Sai Abhishek
3 Sanjay
4 Gautam
5 Divya
6 SaiPriya
7 Ishwarya

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June 5 2011

SSE teacher – Sai Krishna Bharadwaj
Attendance- Ishwarya A., Saipriya I., Divya G., Sanjay J., Gautam M., and Abhishek D

Here is SaiKrishna’s report–
Class was for about 1 1/2 hour where we as a collective group engaged a discussion about Swami’s Human Values in daily life. We touched upon how at times it may be difficult to always follow Swami’s words; however, the kids were able to come up on their own a way to rectify that. The kids remembered how Swami has said in the past that no matter what, He is always with us. So if they could remember that in every action of their life that Swami was with them, implementing the human values would be simple.

To be quite honest Suhasini auntie, the kids really ran the show. All I did was discuss the human values, share some of my experiences with Swami and how I was able to use what Swami has taught me in real life situations and the kids shared similar experiences too. It really was a sight to behold seeing how well each of them knew the Human values, and how easy they found it to realize that not only is Swami within them, but within everyone else. Another phrase we touched upon was how Swami has said, “Good for me. Everything should be looked at as good for me — be it good or bad.” Some of the kids remembered an experience that was good or bad and all were able to discuss how it could make that person better. They came up with an acronym, similar to the show “The Jersey Shore” that instead of GTL = gym, tan, laundry, they came up with GFM = good for me.
I wanted to drive home the point that in every single aspect of their lives, Swami is with us (whether we like it or not!). The kids seemed to have enjoyed the class.

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June 12th

Teachers – Shankar Krishnan with Bhaskar Anant
Attendance: Sanjay. J, Sai Priya,I, Ishwarya,A
Lesson Plan Purpose: Explored the importance of Faith and Feeling Swami’s divinity at every place.
Videos’s Sai Love You tube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZL5dsnfjeKY&feature=player_embedded#at=15
Sanantha Sarathy: Edition may 2011 Swami’s discourse.
Prayer: SSE Teachers’ Manual.
Showed the video of Sai’s Love: English Song with swami’s pictures.

Reviewed what they got out of the Retreat and the Guest speaker and other Speaker’s talks.
Various points were brought out how to have faith in Swami and also how to Swami Coaches and build’s self confidence and also how to keep doing good in spite of obstacles.
Study Material: Read of Swami’s Discourse from the May Edition of Sanatha Sarathy where Bhagawan teaches how to explain divinity and how to feel God’s presence and importance of Faith.
Life Application: Thank Swami when you are happy as we normally pray during difficult times. Feel His Presence

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June 19th

Teacher- rami Gange
Student- Gautham
Lesson plan about Islam teachings

Break out session with Bro Fize Mohammad 4 to 5 PM at Asamai

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June 26th
Teachers: Sreenadh Jonnavithula, Suhasini Jonnavithula, Sujatha Ananthabhotla

Last Day of SSE
Lesson plan:

  • Sai Jeopardy
  • Presentations by students on what they enjoyed about SSE and how it influenced them
  • Presentation by graduating SSE Student Ishwarya Ananthabhotla
  • Remarks by Sanjai Murali, Regional EC

Attendance: Ishwarya, Divya Ganesh, Gautam, Sai Abhishek, Sanjay

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Sept 11th-2011

Teacher- Shankar Krishnan and SaiKrishna Bharadwaj
Attendance: Gautham, Akilesh, Eswar
Attachments: Document , Break out session with Brother Karthik Ramesh

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September 18th

Attendance: Sanjay, Gautham, SaiAbhishek, Bhavani, Srilu, Shreya, SaiPriya, Divya Ganesh, Mansi
Brother Sanjai Murali Regional EC conducted a group 4 class, SSE orientation and breakout session.
Sanjai began the afternoon by conducting an SSE class at Asamai temple from 2 to 2:35 PM, with several Group 4 children, both boys and girls, and an audience of several SSE-4 teachers as well. It was a model lesson, an interactive fun session about the power of communication. He started the class with an “icebreaker”, by challenging the children to decipher several text messages. The adults were stumped, but the kids seemed to “get it” pretty quickly (eg. *$ is Starbucks!). That pumped up their adrenaline and they were all agog with interest and avidly took part in the rest of the session with the activities that he conducted and participated with great enthusiasm. They went away with a nice take home message that words are not always necessary to communicate when hearts are in unison with the underlying human value of LOVE .

He went on to Saraswathi Hall to present the talk to the membership which was very well received. Through his divine experiences, stories and analogies laced with humor and wit, he conveyed several key messages of our beloved Swami which were enjoyed by both the young and the young at heart. The audio recording of this talk will be available at our center website and thank Brother Sundar for promptly uploading this session.

Following the talk, SSE family was fortunate to listen to the Orientation program where he reiterated the goals and the benefits of SSE and why we should never give up on it.

SSE teachers, children and parents proceeded back to Asamai around 4:30 PM to have the final program of the afternoon which was the breakout session. This was mainly a forum for the teachers to bring up issues, questions and concerns about the SSE program, and have them address directly by the Regional Educational Coordinator. Some of the SSE children too joined in towards the end of the session, and contributed their points of view as well. It was a very productive session, with a lot of new ideas and fresh opinions generated, and valuable feedback, suggestions and advice provided by Sanjai.

The Grp 4 children did a good job at the end thanking Sanjai for spending the afternoon with us all. The session finished at 6 PM after an EHV discussion with a few SSE teachers.

What a marathon session from 2 to 6 PM ! It is incredible that he performed at such high standards at each of these encounters. Sanjai is truly Swami’s messenger- so loving and pleasant in every which way, and imparting wise counsel which was appreciated by all. With Swami’s Grace, we look forward to his next visit to our center.

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Sept 25th

Attendance:Sanjay, Akilesh, Eswar, Jothika, Bhavani, Srilu, Shreya, SaiPriya, Divya Ganesh, Mansi
SSE teachers Sujatha and Meera SaiKumari conducted the Toast master Public session which was enjoyed by the Group 4 SSE students and this was followed by Choir Music session and finally the Group 4 SSE meeting.

We had a fruitful Group 4 SSE meeting on Sept 25th with children, teachers and parents.

The Group 4 children unanimously requested to have their SSE classes on friday evenings and after much discussions, the general consensus was to have Grp 4 SSE classes at Asamai on first and third sundays and remote classes on second and fourth friday evenings.
The Request has been conveyed to our president and he will look into the logistics and get back to us in a couple of weeks regarding the feasibility of this scheduling.

The children requested to have continuity of classes and the Toast master Public speaking sessions conducted by Sujatha were very well received. They also requested to have discussions on current event topics and approach with perspective of Sai teachings.
Other ideas put forth by our children were field trips to various places of worships, involvement in YA Mini-Retreat meetings, and YA activities.

They preferred to have a schedule at the beginning of each month with regards to their SSE activities so that they could better plan their academic commitments for the weekends.

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October 2nd

By popular demand, SSE teachers Sujatha and Meera SaiKumari returned back the following week to conduct the Toast master Public session which was enjoyed by the Group 4 SSE students.
Attendance: Gautham, Akilesh, Eswar, Shreya, Divya Ganesh, Jothika Challapalli

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October 9 2011

Teacher: Shankar Krishnan & Bhaskar Ananth
Attendance: Bhavani, SaiPriya, Divya Ganesh and Gautham
Attachment: Document

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October 16 2011

Time Management
Teacher: Saikishore

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October 23 2011

Teacher: Laina Prabhu

Attendance: Bhavani, Divya Ganesh, Sanjay, Sai Priya,Gautam and Shreya

Lesson Plan: Inner Significance of Diwali

Attachments: Hindu Festivals Inner Significance (Powerpoint) Meaning of Diwali Festival (docx)

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October 30 2011

Teacher: Renuka Rajani and Rami Gange

Attendance: Srilu and Gautham

Attachments: Lesson Plan

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November 6 2011

Teacher: Satya Challapalli

Attendance: Karthik, Akilesh, Sai Abhishek, Gautham,Srilu, Shreya, Bhavani, Divya, Mansi

Topic: Discussion about Swami’s advice to students – Guidelines to become a Good Student.

1) We discussed about “Active Listening” vs “Listening” and gave a summarized view of “Active Listening”. We also discussed about understanding a topic and how to clarify doubts during a class/presentation.

2) The questions – who is a student, when does student life start, when will it end, and what are the qualities of a good student were answered.

3) We concluded the students should put into practice what they have learned (Either from Parents, at School, or at SSE).

Attachments: Lesson Plan: Guidelines to become a good student

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November 27, 2011

Teachers: Laina Prabhu and Meera SaiKumari

Attendance: Divya Ganesh, Mansi maini, Shreya Reddy, Gautham Ayer and Akilesh Tangella

The class began with chanting of 3 Oms, Gayatri Mantra and Guided Meditation. There was a very interesting discussion on “Ceiling on Desires’. Then there was a role play on the practical spiritual application of this, given two real life scenarios. The girls presented a role play based on a really cool sale and the temptation to buy an expensive outfit and then the same scenario, but with a different outcome based on putting Swami’s teachings into practice. The boys presented another role play and their theme was “Black Friday’ and impulse purchases.

The life application was to avoid wasting money on impulse purchases, especially since the holidays are around the corner and there are so many temptations. The students were asked to report back on one thing they sacrificed inspite of their desires.

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December 4, 2011

Teacher: Bhaskar Anant and Krishnan Shankar

Attendance: Shreya,Jothika,Divya,Bhavani,Sanjay,Akilesh

Lesson Plan:

Watched the beautiful video for 5 min ” Swami and student” showing Swami’s love and care and assurance to all students and how to study

Story of Swami’s Hospitality and “putting in other’s shoes” while giving gifts- Story of Saree Distribution Watched a 5 minute video on Swami’s emphasis on “Quality” and not “Quantity”

Who is Dattatreya? Story of the sage Atri and his wife and her boon. Advent of Trinity and how Swami showed he is Brahma/Vishna/Shiva in the photograph to Col Joga Rao
Watched a inspiring Speech by Charlie Chaplin in 1940..
Discussed thought provoking quotes and students shared their understanding.
Next week,bring a quote that they can share with the class which they got inspiration from and is meaning to each student.

Attachment: Powerpoint

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December 11, 2011

Teacher: Krishnan Iyer, Chandra Sekar

Attendance: Divya Ganesh, Mansi, Srilakshmi, Akilesh

Lesson Plan: Contact With Consoiousness – Lesson Plan #4 – Gayatri Mantra

Opening: Three OM’S, Gayathri (3 times)


“The Gayatri Mantra has been given to you as a third eye to enable you to have that inner vision by which you may realize God.’ – Sai Baba, Sanathana Sarathi April 1996, p. 108

Detail Class Topics:
Literal meaning Of Gayatri Manta
Discussion — Why is the Gayatri Mantra powerful
Significance and explanations of each item held by Gayatri Devi in her Hand
Deeper meaning of the Gayatri Mantra
Concentrating either on the Form or the meaning of the mantra while chanting the Mantra
Benefits of Chanting the Gayatri Mantra

The Class also read about
The Power and Potency Of the Gayatri Mantra as taught and expounded by Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, Published by
“The Sri Sathya Sai Organization Sri Lanka (Region XV)

Chanting the Gayatri Mantra protects me.

Life Application
Chant the Gayatri Mantra first 3 times and then increase it to at least nine times every day. Determine how it makes you feel by the end of the week.

Closing Prayer

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December 18, 2011

Teacher: Saikrishna

Attendance: Saipriya, Shreya and Jothika

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