95 Sadhana Nama Likitha Japam (Writing Lord’s Name) on Sunday Jan 26th Center Program and Sat Jan 25th Service Activities

95 Sadhana Nama Likitha Japam (Writing Lord’s Name) on Sunday Jan 26th Center Program and Sat Jan 25th Service Activities

Sairam Dear All,

Hope all is well with Swami’s grace!
This Saturday, January 25th, 2020 we will have our regular naryana seva feeding service opportunities lined up. Bowery Food Service and Riverside Food Service will be the opportunities to serve the needy with a hot meal. Please join the activities in any capacity you can. See below flyer for more details.

This Sunday, January 26th, 2020 our regular SSE Classes will start from 12:30 PM to 1:30 PM. From 2:00 PM we will have our regular Bhajans followed by “My Service & I” experiences sharing by Br. Dyanesh Prabhu. Br. Dyanesh doesn’t require any introduction. He is currently serving our center as Devotional Coordinator. He has been regular and main instrumental player for more than a decade. It will be great to listen to him on his spiritual transformation through service and activities. Please join the Session..

95 Sadhana Program: For more details please go to www.ssbcflushing.org/nyc95
As part of the 95 Sadhana Program, the following is scheduled this Sunday as part of Center activity

1. We will start off with 21 AUMS before bhajans and conclude with 9 SAMASTHA LOKA after bhajans as part of Daily Prayers.

2. We will implement Naama Likitha Japam (Writing Names) sadhana activity this Sunday.
Naama Likitha Japam (Writing Lord’s Names) :
Swami says “The practice of Nama Likhita Japam (repeated writing of the Lord’s Name as a spiritual exercise) … promotes harmony in thought, word and deed (first thinking about the Name of the Lord, then uttering it and then writing it). All these three processes should be carried out with a pure heart. Total purity is essential for all sadhanas (spiritual disciplines). At the outset, the ego has to be destroyed. Then anger will subside. Do your duty. Do not project your ego. Develop mutual helpfulness. Carry on your work with joy. Be friendly towards each other. It is only when you behave in this manner that you will realise the benefits of Likhita Japam … Through love, eliminate your bad traits. … Members of the Sai organisation, who undertake sacred activities such as Nama Likhita Japam … should develop sacred qualities (and) purify their hearts. … Fill your minds with good thoughts and engage yourselves in good actions. Chant the Lord’s name. When the ether is surcharged with the vibrations of the Divine name, the entire environment gets purified. Those who breathe this sanctified air will have pure thoughts. SSS 26.31: October 7, 1993″
1. This activity is for individuals (but entire family can take it up as an collective sadhana activity)
2. If you participate, you are requested to write minimum of 95 times of any name of Lord for example : AUM SRI SAI RAM will be the default one but you can choose any lord’s name per page and 95 pages per book in total and this is to be completed by October 10th 2020.
3. Center will be getting about 50 ruled books. You can register yourself and as well register any of your family members if you wish so. After registration you can avail one book or more books based on your registration.
4. Note: It’s a standard 100 pages ruled book. So you can as well buy for yourself and bring it to the center if possible and then register your name for tracking purpose.
5. Also request those who would like to participate in this activity, to bring their own PEN. We will have at least one pen per each book.
6. Once registered, we will follow the below
    a. Please count the number of rows in each page
    b. If the number of rows are more than 20 then you are expected to write 5 times “AUM SRI SAI RAM” or any lord’s name in each ROW and if it’s less than 20 rows in one page then plan at least to write 6 times in each ROW.
    c. If you have written on one side of each page, then refrain from writing on the other side (leave it empty).
    d. WE WILL COMPLETE ONE PAGE during center meeting.
7. We will follow at least one sunday of the month at the center. The rest of the time, devotees are expected to complete at their leisure at the comfort of their home.

Note: Daily Prayers common conference call who wish to join daily at 8 PM . Dial-in number: (712) 775-7465 | Participant Code: 209737
95 Sadhana Nama Likitha Japam (Writing Lord’s Name) on Sunday Jan 26th Center Program and Sat Jan 25th Service Activities


Please see the monthly Calendar for January 2020

Sai Kishore.



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