SSE Lesson Plan

05-16-2021-Group 1-Love-Forgiveness-Mani Ayer

Teacher: Mani Ayer Attendance: Aanya, Maleeha, Trigena, Trikrishen, Sairam, Sabareesan Value: Love Sub-Value: Forgiveness Life Application: Write the benefits to you of forgiveness? What is sanskrit name of Forgiveness LessonPlan Download: Group 1 – 05-16-2021   To Go Back to SSE Lesson Plan Page – Click Here

06-13-2021-Group 1-Truth-Sincerity-Deepa Narayanan

Teacher: Deepa Narayanan Attendance: Trikrisan, Pradhan; Trijeena, Pradhan; Aanya, Kashyap; Sairam, Palicha; Maleeha, Shrestha;Keshav, Moorthy; Asha, Chattoo Value: Truth Sub-Value: Sincerity Life Application: Pray Swami to sincerely to help you to let go your bad qualities that you wrote down in your class activity, also discuss and speak to your parents about truth and how …

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06-13-2021-Group 3 – 4-Truth-Discrimination-Bhaskar Anant

Teacher: Bhaskar Anant Attendance: Abhishek Shanmugam, Sujay Sundar, Annika Prabhu, Keerthana Madira, Shreya Narayan, Vaishnavi Ravi Value: Truth Sub-Value: Discrimination Life Application: – Apply the principles of discrimination in your day-to-day life – “Choose the harder right, instead of the easier wrong” – Introspect at the end of each day as to what right and …

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06-20-2021-Group 1-Truth-Discrimination-Mani Ayer

Teacher: Mani Ayer Attendance: Avi, Sabareesan, Sairam, TriKrishan, , Aanya, Maleeha, Trigena, Vedika Value: Truth Sub-Value: Discrimination Life Application: List how you should have behaved or reacted in situations you felt bad. Did you use Discrimination? LessonPlan Download: Group 1 – 06-20-2021   To Go Back to SSE Lesson Plan Page – Click Here

05-01-2021-Group 2-Love-Compassion-Vijaya Ayer

Teacher: Vijaya Ayer Attendance: Sahana, Narayan; Sahana, Sundar; Tharuni, Paskaran; Achinthiya, K; Suhani, Basnet; Priya, Prabhu ; Thaarun ,Paskaran; Archuthan’ Nagadeepan ; Isa, Murthy; Adarsh, Kumar; Value: Love Sub-Value: Compassion Life Application: Swami says we should be compassionate with all living beings. How can you be compassionate with all living beings? Make a list and …

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05-23-2021-Group 1-Love-Sharing-Rekha Prabhu

Teacher: Rekha Prabhu Attendance: Sairam Palicha, Trikrisan Pradhan, Avi Shukla, Maleeha Shresta, Trijeena Pradhan, Sabareesan Nagatheepan, Asha Chattoo, Aanya Kashyap, Sai Vedika Value: Love Sub-Value: Sharing Life Application: Children have to share atleast one thing with someone in need LessonPlan Download: Group 1 – 05-23-2021   To Go Back to SSE Lesson Plan Page – …

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