Fwd: SSSGC Region 2 Memorial Day Retreat

Fwd: SSSGC Region 2 Memorial Day Retreat

Sairam Dear All,
Hope all is well with Swami's grace!
Please see below the details for watching the guest talks if you have missed during the memorial day retreat and others.
Sai K

Begin forwarded message:

From: Pradosh Dessai <president.region2@sssgc-usa.org>
Date: Jun 1, 2022 at 1:37 PM
To: Pradosh Dessai <president.region2@sssgc-usa.org>
Cc: Venkat Kodumudi <vp.region2@sssgc-usa.org>, Lalit Mohanty <service.region2@sssgc-usa.org>, Krishna Prayaga <devotion.region2@sssgc-usa.org>, Alpa Uchil <education.region2@sssgc-usa.org>, md.region2.sssgc.usa@gmail.com <md.region2.sssgc.usa@gmail.com>, “Raghavendran Srinivasan” <mc.region2.sssgc.usa@gmail.com>, Balu Karanam <president@sssgc-usa.org>, Sumana Madhav <advisor.yaf.region2@sssgc-usa.org>, Suresh Viswanathan <advisor.yam.region2@sssgc-usa.org>, Axay Kalathia <chair@sssgc-zone1.org>
Subject: Region 2 Memorial Day Retreat

Sairam Dear SSSGC-USA Region 2 Center Presidents/Group Leaders, 


We just concluded our Memorial Day Retreat which brought lot of Joy, bliss and spiritual upliftment to all of us.

The retreat was made possible because of the dedicated, disciplined and selfless efforts and careful planning by the Sai volunteers in every team of the Registration, SSSE, Devotion, Service including the food preparation/serving wings: all blessed by Swami's grace.   


With 444 registrants and close to 400 in person attendees this retreat was enthusiastically supported and enjoyed by many devotees across the region. This was in addition to 100 plus online viewers.

Uplifting guest speaker speeches, interactive workshops featuring profound Sai Principles, melodious singing in Bhajans, Nagarsankirtans  and Cultural Programs, very delightful SSSE program with children's deep interpretations of Swami's teachings and delicious meals were some of the many highlights of this retreat. One can see the recordings of the programs here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCbZ378cZRbHMQvvqizGwIw. Please also subscribe to this region 2 channel.



We are very grateful to Swami for giving us this opportunity to come together and experience his bliss, in a lively energetic environment akin to Prashanti Ashram.


As mentioned before, an event of this size is not without covid risks in spite of extreme precautions taken by the devotees and the organizers.  We urge every participant to do a home covid test to check his/her potential covid exposure and do a RTPCR test if she/he has any covid symptoms. 


Following items have been missing from the retreat technical team:

a) mouse (Orange – used by the presentation laptop) b) Black color USB-C to VGA/USB/USB-C converter c) Ziploc bag full of mic clips. If found, please reply to this message or inform your president.


Please share this email with all the Sai Center/Group members. 


With Love for all, 

Pradosh Dessai 

SSSGC-USA Region 2 President 

Please subscribe to the Region 2 Channel.





From: Pradosh Dessai
Sent: Wednesday, May 25, 2022 11:00 AM
To: Pradosh Dessai
Cc: Venkat Kodumudi ; Lalit Mohanty ; Krishna Prayaga ; Alpa Uchil ; md.region2.sssgc.usa@gmail.com ; “Raghavendran Srinivasan” ; Balu Karanam ; Sumana Madhav ; Suresh Viswanathan ; Axay Kalathia
Subject: Last Minute Reminders | Region 2 Memorial Day Retreat May 27th-May 30th | 285 Rhode Hall Rd, Monroe Township, NJ | region2.sssgc-usa.org/retreat/retreat-checklist | “Living Life His Way” | region2.sssgc-usa.org/retreat/retreat-checklist


Sairam Dear SSSGC-USA Region 2 Center Presidents/Group Leaders, 


We sent the following email to all the retreat registrants. It is possible that the email (coming from a new email address)  may go to their spam folders.

Hence, we would appreciate if you can forward the following email to all your center members today to ensure that nobody is missed out.





With Love for all, 

Pradosh Dessai 

SSSGC-USA Region 2 President 



———- Forwarded message ———
From: SSSGC USA Region2 Retreat <sssgcusa.region2.retreat@gmail.com>
Date: Wed, May 25, 2022 at 9:31 AM
Subject: Retreat Last Minute Reminders
To: SSSGC USA Region2 Retreat <sssgcusa.region2.retreat@gmail.com>


Sai Ram Embodiments of Divine Love,


With Swami's Grace we will have a wonderful and spiritually uplifting 1st Annual SSSGC-USA Region 2 Memorial Day Retreat from Friday, May 27th to Monday, May 30th at Om Sri Sai Balaji Temple, 285 Rhode Hall Rd, Monroe Township, NJ 08831.


Our Retreat theme this year reflects an important consideration:


       “Living Life His Way”


Swami has told us:


Life is a pilgrimage to God; the holy spot is there afar! The road lies before you; but unless you take the first step forward and follow that step with others, how can you reach it? Start with courage, faith, joy and steadiness. You are bound to succeed. The mind and the intellect are two bullocks ties to a cart, the “inner man”. The bullocks are not used to the road of truth, righteousness, peace and love, so they drag the cart along the road familiar to them, namely falsehood, injustice, worry and hatred. You have to train them to take the better road so that they may not bring disaster to themselves, the cart they are yoked to and the men inside it.
[Voice of the Avatar – Part I, page 14]


Here are some final reminders to help us get ready for the retreat –


COVID Checklist (9-point COVID code of conduct):

Please ensure the following measures are followed before and during the Retreat:


1.     Please avoid coming to the retreat if you or your family member

a.     Feel sick or have any of the following symptoms: Fever, sore throat, coughing, sneezing, allergy-like symptoms.

b.    Have had tested positive for COVID, unless you have completed your 10 days of quarantine / isolation AND tested negative.

2.     Please have a copy of your vaccination card or take a picture of the card on your phone. Sevadals will verify the records at the entrance to the campus.

3.     Please take a home test within 24 hours of your arrival at the retreat.

4.     Masks are MANDATORY for everyone at the retreat. Please use Surgical or N-95 or KN-95 masks. DO NOT use cloth masks.

5.     It is recommended to eat your food outside (tents provided) in order to maintain social distancing.

6.     Please minimize socializing anywhere inside the Temple. If you want to talk to someone, please step outside to the open space.

7.     In addition to the devotional hall, we have also provided tents outside with a TV to watch the devotional programs.

8.     If you have any symptoms after your arrival, please call 908-445-5258 or go to the Help Desk.

9.     Please minimize physical contact such as greeting other devotees with a hug.


Program Schedules and Workshop Information: Program details, workshop topics and facilitator bios, temple map, etc. can be viewed at the website: https://region2.sssgc-usa.org/retreat/retreat-checklist/. Please download a copy on your phone for easy access. To minimize paper waste, we will not have printed program schedule at registration. PLEASE NOTE: The guest speaker for Saturday will be live broadcast from India. All other speakers and workshops will be in person.


Live Broadcast: The following programs (guest speakers, bhajans, SSSE and adult cultural programs) will be live telecast and can be viewed by going to the retreat checklist website at: https://region2.sssgc-usa.org/retreat/retreat-checklist/


Upon Arrival: Once registered, please proceed to the Service Desk for reminders about any Service opportunities for which you may have signed up. The registration desk will close at 9 pm on Friday and will re-open on Saturday morning at 7am.


Dress Code: Modest clothing, suitable for an Ashram, is always required. No shorts, short skirts, transparent or tight-fitting clothes are allowed.


Seva: For devotees volunteering for service activities, a “Volunteer Orientation” is planned for Friday evening at 7:00 PM in the dining hall. You can obtain updates about volunteering opportunities at the Help Desk any time during the entire retreat.


On-site Seva: We are collecting various items (listed on the website) to be donated to the open marketplace as well as eyeglasses.


SSSE Programs: Please refer to the retreat checklist website for key information and schedule. 


All are encouraged to wear their wrist band and retreat registration badge at all times during the retreat.


Note to Parents of SSSE Students:

·        The children will be participating in outdoor activities (games, nature walk, etc.). It is important that they are dressed in full pants and are wearing comfortable walking shoes, preferably sneakers. Insect repellent use is encouraged as there may be mosquitos or flies. 

·        In order to save the environment, please send a reusable water bottle labeled with your child’s name to the camp.

·        Clothing should be modest in nature – no shorts, tank tops, leggings, etc. Group 3 & 4 girls should plan to use a scarf or dupatta and have their shoulders covered.

·        SSSE children must participate in all organized SSSE activities. Children should not be wandering around during scheduled SSSE activities. Parents are required to supervise children when they are not engaged in the SSSE program at the retreat.

·        Children will be with their parents during meals.

·        Children will attend all Bhajan sessions. 


Health Reminders: If you take prescription medications, please ensure that you have sufficient quantity to last through Monday evening.


We have designated doctors who can be reached in case of medical emergencies. The contact details are below. In case of a medical emergency, contact the Help Desk (908-445-5258). The following hospital is the closest to the temple – Morristown Memorial Hospital, 579 Cranbury Rd, East Brunswick, NJ 08816 (Tel: 732-257-1504).


With tolerance, cooperation, and love, the retreat will be a great spiritual experience for everyone. Let us all take advantage of this Divine opportunity to practice Swami’s teachings in our lives.


Looking forward to seeing everyone at the Retreat,


In Sai’s Service,

Retreat Planning Team

SSSGC-USA Region 2



With love for all,
Pradosh Dessai.
571 436 2092


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