Ignorance, the source of evil – Study Circle | Bhajans | 21 Sai Gayatri Prayer Chanting – 10:00 AM – Sun, June 6th -Flushing Sai Center

Ignorance, the source of evil – Study Circle | Bhajans | 21 Sai Gayatri Prayer Chanting – 10:00 AM – Sun, June 6th -Flushing Sai Center

Ignorance, the source of evil – Study Circle | Bhajans | 21 Sai Gayatri Prayer Chanting – 10:00 AM – Sun, June 6th -Flushing Sai Center
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Ignorance, the source of evil – Study Circle

Sunday, June 6th 2022 @ 10:00 AM

This Sunday, we will start off with Bhajans starting at 10:00 AM , following with “21 Sai Gayatri Chanting” as part of the ongoing 1008 Day Sadhana Program. We will be having the study circle facilitated by Br. Amit from Sathya Sai Vahani. This week we will discuss on the below topic…

Ignorance, the source of evil
This gives room for a question. When the world is ruled by God, how does He permit it to be so wicked and evil? The answer given is that God is not responsible for the grief and pain. The sins we commit are the progenitors of the grief we suffer. Joy and sorrow are the consequences of the good and evil that people perpetrate. God is the Witness. He doesn’t punish or cause grief.

The embodied soul (jivi) is beginningless, that is to say, has no birth, but it involves itself in incessant activity and thus has to go through the inevitable consequences of that activity. This is the experience of everyone, the characteristic of everyone’s mind. This is the unbreakable law of the objective world. Grief or joy is the image of the activity in which one engages. It is the resound, the reflection, the reaction. The individual soul can be the witness without concerning itself with the good and bad of the activity. When involvement happens, good has to be experienced when good is done; evil, when evil is done.

Vedanta asserts that the individual soul is, by its very nature, pure and unblemished. This is the accepted doctrine, according to Indian (Bharathiya) thought. But this truth has been befogged by ignorance and neglect, so illusion (maya) pollutes the experience, and the shade of ignorance breeds evil. But when beneficial activity is engaged in, the clouds of illusion are scattered and the reality of the Self is realized. All beings, all souls (jivis) are pure, by their very nature. Good acts can remove the taints of evil deeds and preserve this essential purity. Then, the soul is led into the Godward path. The Godward urge will transform the thoughts, words, and deeds of the individual.

Sri Sathya Sai Bhagawan – (Sathya Sai Vahini) Chapter 8: Bondage

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