Monthly Study Circle Topic – 2 AUGUST 2020

Sometimes certain feelings originate in our heart. Clouds which originate from the sun cover the sun itself. Water that is not used for many days is covered by the moss which has grown in the water itself. Cataract, which is born of the eye, covers the vision of that very eye. Ash which comes out of the fire covers that same fire. So too, compassion is present in our very heart. But we neglect it, or divert our heart in a wrong way. A seed has oil in it, but you should know the procedure of extracting oil from it. Without thrashing the sugarcane, you cannot make sugar out of it. First, you have to crush the cane and extract the juice. Then you have to boil the juice to make sugar out of it. On the other hand, if out of compassion, you do not remove the juice from the cane, you will never get sugar. The flower of compassion doesn’t work over here. In the same way, our body is like sugar cane. Unless it is crushed by sufferings and pain, it doesn’t give the sweet juice of compassion and kindness. This is known as ‘Samskara’ or refinement. Refinement means removing all bad qualities, and fostering all good qualities. This is the main principle and the secret for leading a happy life. Unless you feel hot you would not purchase an air conditioner. Unless you feel hungry you won’t eating anything. In the same way, unless you face difficulties you will not remember God. In times of happiness and joy people don’t pray to God, but in difficult times they realise the need for God. In times of pleasure and comfort, man becomes egoistic. Pleasure is the interval between two pains. Therefore, first we have to suffer pain. Then only can we enjoy pleasure.

Source: Follow Your Conscience, Discourse 6, My Dear Students, Volume 4

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