Saturday Nov 30th Service Activities and Sunday Dec 1st Center Program Details and Lost-Found Items

Saturday Nov 30th Service Activities and Sunday Dec 1st Center Program Details and Lost-Found Items

Sairam Dear All,
Hope all is well with Swami’s grace!
Lost & Found: With bhagawan’s grace we all were part of His birthday celebrations. Thank you one and all for your support and active role. With Swami’s grace the program went smoothly and was vibrant and memorable to all of us. Thank you. As with any major program, there is always going to be the case of leaving behind some valuables and we do have two items that were left behind and please kindly reach out to Br. Ragu if it belongs to you. If anyone of you have missed 1. Ear ring (one) and 2. Shawl, please reach out to brother Ragu and identify your item. Thank you.

This Saturday, November 30th 2019 we will have our regular naryana seva feeding service opportunities lined up. Bowery Food Service and Riverside Food Service will be the opportunities to serve the needy with a hot meal. Please join the activities in any capacity you can. See below flyer for more details. Also we will be visiting Coler Hospital to serve the patients by Spending time with them, taking them on a stroll and also singing etc. Please join us from 2:00 PM. Thank you. See more information below.


This Sunday, December 1st 2019 we will have our regular SSE Classes at Hindu Center from 12:30 PM to 1:30 PM. From 2:00 PM we will have our regular Bhajans followed by Study Circle topic “Engaging in Collective Sadhana (Spiritual Practices)”  The following quotes have been taken from the Unity / Purity theme as suggested by the SSIO as part of 95th Birthday Conference in 2020. We will as well be initiiating the 95th Birthday Sadhana from January 2019 (while we have already received some informtion from our region 2 to follow 95th Birthday Sadhana Program). We will be using this time to discuss the need for Collective Sadhana for next two study circles and then engage ourselves in Sadhana activities where possible.

The study circle details are as follows…
Engaging in Collective Sadhana (Spiritual Practices)

Learn to live in love and harmony with all the  members  of  your  society.  This  is  the  basic  teaching  of  Christianity  and  Islam.  Guru  Nanak  favoured  community  prayers  in  preference  to  individual  prayer  in  isolation. When all people join in unison to pray to God, their prayers will melt the heart of God.  In  a  large  gathering  there  must  be  at  least one who prays with a pure heart. That prayer   will   reach   God.   Hence,   devotees   should  take  part  in  community  bhajans. They should participate in community service  and  involve  themselves  in  the  life  of  the community. This is the noblest path. Sathya Sai Speaks Vol.23/Ch.36: 25 Dec 1986 (Download Here) ->

Sometime  ago  a  devotional  exercise  called  Likhitha  japam  (writing  the  names  of  the  Lord  as  a  form  of  worship)  was  started  in  Tamil  Nadu.  It  was  a  collective  (Samashti) exercise. Large numbers of devotees assembled at one place and wrote the name of the Lord as a (spiritual exercise). The joy to be derived from such a collective effort is inde-scribable.The community bhajan in which all join to sing in unison is an equally blissful experi-ence.  This  community  singing  was  started  by  Guru  Nanak.  During  community  sing-ing  divine  vibrations  emerge  sanctifying  the  whole  atmosphere.  The  same  result  cannot  be  expected  when  one  sings  alone.  Community singing promotes unity which leads to purity and Divinity. Today there is no unity, purity or Divinity. What mankind needs today is unity based on the spiritual oneness of humanity. Sathya Sai Speaks Vol.27/Ch.32: 18 Dec 1994 (Download Here) ->

Saturday Nov 30th Service Activities and Sunday Dec 1st Center Program Details and Lost-Found Items

Please see the monthly Calendar for the month of December 2019.




Sai Kishore
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