SSE-2021-Group 2

Group 2 SSE-2021

05-01-2021-Group 2-Love-Compassion-Vijaya Ayer

Teacher: Vijaya Ayer Attendance: Sahana, Narayan; Sahana, Sundar; Tharuni, Paskaran; Achinthiya, K; Suhani, Basnet; Priya, Prabhu ; Thaarun ,Paskaran; Archuthan’ Nagadeepan ; Isa, Murthy; Adarsh, Kumar; Value: Love Sub-Value: Compassion Life Application: Swami says we should be compassionate with all living beings. How can you be compassionate with all living beings? Make a list and …

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06-06-2021-Group 2-Truth-Honesty-Tanuja Rasaputra

Teacher: Tanuja Rasaputra Attendance: Archuthan nagateepan; Priya Prabhu; Sahana Sundar; Suhani Basent; Adarsh Kumar; Sahana Narayan; Thaarun Paskaran; Tharuni Paskaran Value: Truth Sub-Value: Honesty Life Application: Be honest and truthful in everything you do. “Let us keep ourselves happy by being truthful and honest”. LessonPlan Download: Group 2 – 06-06-2021   To Go Back to …

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04-04-2021-Group 2-Right Conduct-Dicipline-Time Management-Tanuja Rasaputra

Teacher: Tanuja Rasaputra Attendance: Sahana Narayan Priya Prabhu Achintya Kolanuvada Sahana Sundar SuhaniBasnet Archutan Nagateepan Tarun Prakasan Taruni Prakasan AdarshKuma Roja Swami Value: Right Conduct Sub-Value: Dicipline-Time Management Life Application: Prioritise your time to the effective use of your 24 hours as per the story we listened – Jar of life. Follow the schedule you …

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03-14-2021-Group 2-Love-Wisdom-Sreenadh

Teacher: Sreenadh Attendance: Adarsh,Achintya,Archutan,Isa,Priya,Roja,SahanaN,SahanaS,Suhani,Tharun,Tharuni Value: Love Sub-Value: Wisdom Life Application: Food LessonPlan Download: Group 2 – 03-14-2021   To Go Back to SSE Lesson Plan Page – Click Here

03-21-2021-Group 2-Right Conduct-Respect-Sujatha Ananthabhotla

Teacher: Sujatha Ananthabhotla Attendance: Adarsh, Prasad; Achintya, Kolanuvada; Thaaruni, Paskar; Priya, Prabhu; Sahana, Sundar; Thaarun, Paskar; Sahana, Narayan; Isa, Murthy; Archuthan, Nagatheepan Value: Right Conduct Sub-Value: Respect Life Application: Report activities you do in a day to conserve natural resources. Activity sheet attached as part of lesson plan. LessonPlan Download: Group 2 – 03-21-2021   …

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